KAIO Ministries


The Word "Kaio" comes from the Greek word which means to Burn or be consumed by Fire. It comes from Luke 24:32 where the disciples on the road to Emmaus after they had encountered Jesus said "Did not our hearts Burn within us?" This it the heart beat of KAIO Ministries... To Burn for Our Lord and to Burn for the things of His Heart.

We Burn to Know our God Intimately and to be Known by Him - We Burn to see the Justice of our King manifest on the earth for the poor and the disenfranchised - We Burn for the manifest Glory of the Lord to be released on Earth as it is in Heaven -  In Every sphere of Society.  We Burn to see the Harvest of souls come into the Kingdom of God.

In Matt. 16:18 Jesus tells His disciples that He will build His church. In the original Greek, Jesus said He would build His “Ecclesia”. It was an interesting choice of words, as it had no religious connotations at all. In short, it was a word that had governmental overtones, as it had up to that point been used to describe the “called out ones”, the citizens of a city that would gather at the gates to discuss the weighty matters affecting the city. That is what we are to be: a people that gather to assess the needs around us and bring Kingdom order.

We believe that the “Ecclesia” needs to be awakened and mobilized to go and bring transformation to all spheres of society. It is not enough to gather together to have meetings and worship God, as awesome as that can be. It is time for the Ecclesia to go out beyond the four walls of our church buildings and bring the Gospel of the Kingdom into the world. Not just the mountain of Religion, but also those of the Family, Education, Government, Economy, Arts & Entertainment & Media.

We believe a key mandate for KAIO Ministries is to help to increase the capacity of the Ecclesia to carry the Glory of God in all spheres of society.  We do this through strategic corporate gatherings including conferences, equipping schools and mentorship programs.